Increase project profitability for large scale .NET applications

We solve problems of software houses by decreasing the cost of change, decreasing time to market period and saving training time through well-designed built-in software architecture, conventions, and modularity.

Let Gazel Help Developers

Recover Your Projects from Chaos

“My projects are in chaos, because my developers developing the way that they think they should, and they are all different.”

Gazel keeps your developers away from making individual decisions. With the help of Convention over Configuration approach, developers need to follow coding standards to create a running software.

New Developer Orientation

“It is taking forever for new developers to be trained, because we could not enforce any coding standards”

Developers can move between modules and products because of enforced coding standards and built-in technology stack.

Ease Your Project Setup

“I’m wasting money and resources because I’m starting each project from scratch”

Gazel eases project setup cost thanks to its built-in software architecture where non-functional decisions and integrations are already made.

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How to start developing with Gazel?

  • 01Create your project

    Using our online create project form you can create a project that is already set up. We will automatically create a .NET solution using your Company and Product name.

  • 01Download and open

    Once you create a project, you will receive an e-mail with a download link to your project. Download and unzip the project to a folder. Open the solution (.sln) file in the root directory.

  • 01Write your functionality in C#

    Code your back-end by following conventions in the documentation. We’ve designed our conventions to be simple and easy to follow for .NET developers with object-oriented skills.

  • 01Run and test with no configuration

    Gazel is configured to scan the assemblies and register your classes automatically. This approach lets developers to focus only on business functionality and avoid boilerplate code.


Try it free for 30 days