Develop your back-end using POCOs

Gazel is a software development framework that turns your POCOs into a complete back-end solution using popular .NET libraries.

Convention over Configuration

Gazel uses Convention over Configuration approach to register your POCOs to IoC container, map them to database tables and expose them as RESTful services so that you don’t have to write boilerplate code and give more focus on your functional requirements.

RESTful API Generation

You don’t have to worry about creating a Web Service or REST API layer in your solution. Using T4 templates behind the scenes, Gazel automatically generates and compiles SOAP & REST endpoints for you.

Developed with best practices of software development in mind

Gazel encourages developers to design their business functionality using best practices of software development. We make this easy for you by applying best practices such as Dependency Injection, Composition over Inheritance, Generic Repository, ORM and Unit Testing.

Out-of-the-box integration of popular .NET libraries

Gazel comes with a set of configurations for IoC, ORM, logging, authentication, caching, message queue, scheduling and much more. Everything you need to do to create a complete back-end solution is already done.

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